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Build Your Own Backyard Retreat

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Build Your Own Backyard Retreat

Wishing you could vacation all summer long? You can by creating your own backyard oasis. Most of us don’t have the time or the money to spend on weeklong vacations so why not create your own little backyard haven? This can be your space to relax, spend time out in the sun all while saving yourself hours of travel time and some money. Throw summer barbeques in your backyard, lie out on a hammock, or roast marshmallows over the fire. No one ever said you can’t have fun at home.  

Here at HandyPro of Cincinnati, we came up with some great ways to upgrade your backyard and turn it into the space you can’t wait to hang out in the summer.

1. Deck

Decks are a popular backyard staple that can be pretty on the eyes and useful at the same time. Put some chairs out and enjoy lounging around while adding value to your home.

2. Pergola

Pergolas are archways used to cover a patio or deck dining area. These are a gorgeous addition to your backyard and there are so many different options to make it your own.

3. Tree bench

If you have a giant tree in your yard, build a bench around the tree. It’s a perfect place to lounge around and read a good book while providing you with natural shade from the sun.

4. Fire pit with seat walls

If you love spending your nights outdoors, we highly suggest looking into a stone fire pit with seating. Roast marshmallows over an open fire and enjoy nature from your backyard.

5. Patio table with built in ice boxes

We love these tables with built in coolers. Save space in your backyard by making your own or having a professional build one for you. This is a unique way to store your refreshments for an intimate party.

6. Hammock

Kick back and relax in a hammock. If you don’t have trees in your yard, look into building a hammock stand instead.

7. Daybed

If you have a large enough yard, consider creating your own outdoor bed. Whether it be with pallets or having one custom built, you’re sure to spend more time outdoors napping and relaxing.

8. Built-in grill

The best oasis must have food and an outdoor grill is a perfect way to get it. Consider installing a built in grill to host the best barbeques. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

9. Raised garden beds

Nothing says outdoors more than a garden. Build a raised garden bed to add beauty to your yard. You can plant flowers or grow your own vegetables so your cookouts will have the freshest ingredients.

Whichever you choose, HandyPro of Cincinnati can help. Contact us today at 513-766-8388 to schedule a free estimate. 

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