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Improve the Traffic Flow of Your Kitchen


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Improve the Traffic Flow of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the busiest areas of your home, with family members often crowding in at once competing for space. The kitchen is also an unavoidable room in any home, an area where you spend a lot of time. It is so important that your kitchen work for you. When considering remodeling your kitchen space, taking into consideration any mobility challenges that you or a family member may have.  While many homes have multiple bathrooms to accommodate family members, it is rare that a home has more than one kitchen. That means you have to make your kitchen work for your family needs.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a kitchen remodel means updating the cabinets, floor and countertops only. Many kitchen remodels can also re-route the traffic flow of the room to better accommodate your needs. There are many options to choose from. A kitchen island allows for a casual dining area and a pantry for additional storage.  In most cases your kitchen can be re-designed to your liking.

The variety of kitchen layouts includes the following:

  • U-shaped - horseshoe shaped, typically with three walls of cabinets, ideal for an island in the center
  • L-shaped - allows for plenty of space to move around and can easily accommodate a sit-down dining area or breakfast nook.
  • Galley - ideal for a narrow, hallway-like area, cabinets and appliances are on two opposite walls.
  • One-wall - as the name implies, countertops and appliances line one wall, ideal for a very small area.

The team at HandyPro is experienced working with homeowners to design a kitchen that will be very specific to your needs, making it a room of convenience and accessibility regardless of any mobility challenges that you may have.


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